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In 2012, Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) or formerly known as KUKUM, has been living in Perlis for 10 years. In addition to functioning as the higher education institute that empowers citizen's education, UniMAP continues to excel the state of Perlis particularly and Malaysia generally in holistic development. UniMAP’s core is commonly aware of excellence in the field of researches; the community development has also been a key role of UniMAP's presence in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand (IMT-GT).

Like mushrooms after rains, the state of Perlis is in line with UniMAP's growing presence in the state as well as changing the landscape of the northern state of this peninsular Malaysia.


Malaysia by 2020 is optimistic in devising strategies to ensure all the agenda drafted by the country's leadership, that starting since Malaya achieved independence until today. The previous 5 national leaders have inherited various policies in developing not only the physical of the nation but also the human capital, which is the driving force of the country.

UniMAP, which is the 17th public universities in Malaysia, has set itself up to supporting every government agenda through various initiatives at the national and state level. The establishment of the Strategic Research Unit / Unit Kajian Strategik (UKS) 4 years ago has made a great impact on the state of Perlis in accordance with the mission and vision set by UniMAP. And this success is not only perceived by the community in Perlis, but the benefits of UKS operations are also traversing throughout Southeast Asia. In addition to assisting the Perlis state government in drafting the Strategic Plan towards Perlis Maju 2015 throughout research and high-impact programs, UKS is also in the role of transforming society ideology in education, social, political, economic and human development. The national initiative to make the core of every implementation of the program has assured UniMAP to run mode operation of the unit without limitations. Trust spread was also given to this unit every year, mobilized to evaluate leadership features in producing 'university leader' through high impact training and courses. The UKS’s strength in managing various activities is assisted by government and NGO cooperation. This includes when a new policy announced by the government will be reviewed and distributed to the campus and local community. Thus, with maturities that have been built, UKS is proposed to be upgraded to an Institute with the new name as suggested.

The three important elements in the establishment of this institute are Strategic Studies, Leadership and Community.

According to the dictionary, studies mean the activity (effort, process) to study or from the original word; study, is defined as the branch of knowledge, knowledge or research on something.

Strategic are present with the word Strategy, according to the definition of Malay letters, it is defined as the trick to achieve something, which is the knowledge of planning and performing actions with organized plans (taking into account various factors) to achieve goals or success; ~ two (three) pronged strategy consisting of two (three) main program or approach to be implemented all at once or on an integrated basis. By all means, Strategic Studies is an effort to study knowledge, through this process, will place the research activities and outcomes in the best possible place. As UniMAP is based on engineering, social research activities, especially on government policies, are less focused. As a knowledge centre, surely every policy introduced by the government needs to be taken proactive to be studied and developed. The development of these policies can also be translated through various programs and activities.

Leadership by Kamus Dewan is the ability to lead. It also refers to the capabilities, achievements, behaviors, competencies of a leader. For UniMAP, leadership continuity needs to have a strategic thrust. Managing a university is not easy, if taken lightly, it will damage the organization. In producing leaders of universities, various assessments and competency are implemented. The existence of a succession plan is core to all organizations and even embodied in the government circulars. UniMAP also creates the talent pool for training and preparing the university leaders. This coincides with the will of the State leaders who expect the creation of grassroots leaders. The strength of leadership at the country and state level is a model for the creation of a leadership personality in UniMAP. Charisma and responsible attitude can certainly be shared by UniMAP through the establishment of this institute.

The social element, or today better known as a community. According to the Kamus Dewan, the community means people living in a place, area, country etc (under one government); the whole society; folks. It is also interpreted as a group of individuals with similar traits (tendencies, interests, etc.): ~ academic; ~ the scientists. The presence of UniMAP in the community is like the 'golden rain'. Relationship with society is an important element for university. The scientists and scholars need to be utilized by the surrounding community, including the infrastructure and facilities that it has. In this context, communities or communities that includes governments, schools, local communities and the international community. The university's day-to-day affairs certainly will not miss this community. The active role previously played by this unit in developing the community, driving the education sector and supporting the agenda of government agencies through high-impact programs and strategic relationships certainly. The established institute will continue to realize its puncture and bonding.

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